iFetch Frenzy

TheiFetchFrenzyisaninteractive,gravity-drivenfetchingtoythatdoesntrequirebatteriesorpower. Perfect for small dogs & small spaces, it offers so much fun for dogs who love to play with our without their owners. 

So, how does the Frenzy work?

Your fabulous pooch will drop the ball into the the top of the Frenzy. The ball will fall into one of three shoots and will then roll out of the base in a random direction for your dog to chase and collect.

What is included in your Frenzy?

iFetch Frenzy comeswiththree1.6"miniaturetennisballs


Why do we love the Frenzy?

Great mental and physical exercise for your pet and perfect for small / medium dogs who love to have fun! Our Cavalier Alfie, just loves it. Consider it highly recommended!